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(How to NOT Feel Overwhelmed)

When I was new marriage mentor, I didn’t know what to expect and, honestly, I felt overwhelmed at times. I wondered what I was doing. Am I really qualified?

Slowly, Michelle and I got more experience and we started to recognize similar themes. We started to raise up other lay leaders to work with couples. Recognizing some of these common challenges prepares you to mentor.

Marriage mentoring has gotten a lot easier for me. I have more experience. I know what to expect.

Relationships are complex. No one who has been married long has ever disagreed with me when I say this. So, if you are meeting with couples, you will see some complexity to their relationships.

I am going to start a series of posts that go over training we give to new mentors. I’m going to start with some of the common complexities or challenges that we see. To me, identifying them is part of what takes the fear away. We are also going to offer some suggestions on how to deal with these complexities.

The 5 common complexities I’m going start with are:

  1. Someone Doesn’t Want Help
  2. This Is About That
  3. Your Behavior, by Itself, Isn’t That Harmful
  4. You Don’t Understand the Impact
  5. There Are Multiple Behaviors

Once I started to understand some of these common themes and what to do about them, mentoring became a lot easier.

I have also put this into a mini-course that I’m offering for free.

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In this mentor online training we’ll show you:

check_markHow to help a couple change

check_mark5 common challenges that mentors face and techniques to help

check_markHow to apply the 5 stage process of change

check_mark3 D’s of pre-decision

check_markHow to recognize pre-decision vs. post decision

check_mark9 common techniques to help a couple

check_mark5 types of questions

check_markWhen to use which techniques

check_markWhen giving advice is dangerous

check_mark4 post decision techniques